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How to Groom Your Cat at Home:

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Cats are the most adorable and cutest pets one can own, but the owners also know that they need lots of pampering and care. Not only love and care they require, but their hygiene is as essential as their food. That is why you can spend lots of dollars in cat/pet spa. But if you are looking for tips and tricks to groom your cat at home, this can be done at a much lower price.

You might need your cat to stand out from other, smell cute and look great that is why regular grooming is required for the cats. Cats are one of those pets which need your attention and love more than anything else, and you will also want to groom it as well as take care of its hygiene. Check out more tips for grooming your cats at home.

What should be a cat grooming session look like?

It is essential to understand that the grooming session must be fun for you and your cat, other than that the grooming session must consist of cleaning, polishing as well as calming your cat at the same time.

The session also includes bathing and other cleaning activities which will cleanse all the dirt from your cat and help it look and feel better.

Cat grooming steps and process:

You can start the process and take it to the end, follow these steps and create a spa-like feel for your cat to groom it at your home:

1. Brushing:

Start by brushing the cat’s hair in the hair direction, make sure to use pet’s comb to clean fur of your cat. You can start from the head and send it to the tail, give special care to the sensitive areas such as chest and belly.

Brushing can help you remove all the dead hair, pollution, dirt and any fleas from the body. While brushing your cat’s body, you can quickly untangle the hair but make sure not to force it if your cat is uncomfortable.

Cat hair is usually quite fine in texture, so it can be a challenge to clean up.  The best way we’ve found to handle it is with a good vacuum such as those at selfpetcare.

  • Short hair cats:

If your cat has short hair uses a small tooth metal comb and start from the head to the tail. Also, check for any fleas and specks which indicate it. You can also use a soft brush to groom and lessen the hair if you like.

  • Long hair cats:

In case your cat has long hair, you must use a wide tooth comb which is design to remove dirt and debris from the cat’s fur while helping you untangle the hair quickly. You can use a wire brush if you like to lose hair and a toothbrush for the hair around the face.

According to the hair type and how often your cats get dirty, brushing can be done from once a day to twice a week. Especially long cat hair needs regular brushing on a daily basis.

2. Bathing:

Although cats naturally don’t like swimming and water, it is necessary for their health, hygiene, and hair to be bath on a regular basis. If your cat gets dirty very often, you can bath it on alternate days, also if it has long hairs because they tend to get dirty quite often. Other then this you can manage to gives your cat bath at least once a week.

Make sure you and your cat enjoy bathing so that it becomes more relax and calm. For a proper bathing steps check out following tips:
• Right water temperature is very important for bathing cats; the water must be not very cold nor boiling.
• Take a right amount of water in the sink or tub, depending on the size of your cat which can be at least about four to five inches.
• Now you can get your cat’s body through a shower or pitcher and start shampooing.
• Use the shampoos made for cat’s hair, these shampoos not only cleanse the cat’s fur but also remove any dirt and nourishes it.
• You can start shampooing from the head towards the tail.
• Now rinse the shampoo carefully until all the shampoo is removed from the body.
• Pat dries your cat’s hair until water stops dripping.

3. Hair grooming:

Hair grooming is one essential part but only do it if you have any experience in it also carefully do it at home or either take your cat to the pet’s saloon to get its hair trimmed.
• In case hair of your cat are wet use a hair dryer to dry it partially.
• You can use a hair trimmer on slow speed and remove extra hair from the cat’s body.
• Use a wide tooth comb to pick the hair from the body and trim it on the broadest piece.
• After that, you can brush all the hair with soft brush hair to groom and style it.

4. Personal hygiene of your cat:

Dental health: you can brush tooth of your cat on a regular basis to avoid any germs to grow inside the mouth and any infection to spread to humans and pets.
Nail care: clipping cat’s hair is an important part as well, do it before or after the bathing. You must also buff the nails so that it would not hurt your skin.
Eye care: keep checking your cat’s eye for any tearing, cloudiness, or crust.
Ear care: remove any wax and debris with the help of cotton bud; it keeps your cat clean and tidy.

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