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Top 5 Most Rare Animals In The World

top 5 most rare animals in the world

Have you ever seen a Giant Panda? I think many of us are familiar with the name of this cute and attractive animal. But do you know Giant Panda Is one of the foremost of the extinct species? IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Published a list of extinct animals where round about 5400 most endangered species make their room. That means those rare animals are about to be abolished from the world.

This is not only the threat to those animals, but also it affects the total ecology. If you start to find the root cause of this serious problem, you will find that human civilization is mostly responsible for it. So it is our duty to awake the general awareness to save those critically endangered animals. Lets find the top 5 most rare animals in the world who are in the top of extinct species list.

Top 5 most rare animals in the world

Choosing a list of 5 Most Endangered Animals is always a tough job. But it is not possible to publish the details of all 5400 animals in extinction in a single article, so here are the details of top 5 most rare animals in the world.

   1. Amur Leopard :

top 5 most rare animals in the world amur leopard

Amur Leopard or commonly known as Far East leopard or Manchurian leopard or Korean leopard is the foremost in the list of animals in extinction. It is categorized as Critically Endangered species since 1996 by IUCN. Amur leopard is founded Only 7-12 numbers in North-east China and 20-25 in South-eastern Russia. It is distinguished from other leopards by it’s widely spaced rosettes with thick borders and longer legs. The most shocking information about Amur Leopard is 80% of its dominion has destructed in only 13 years. Beside that illegal poaching for its attractive far, Conflict with humans, Vulnerable population size and inbreeding are the main cause of extinction of this species. Forest conservation programme, Anti poaching activities and human awareness may save this beautiful animal in the earth.

   2. Sumatran Rhinoceros :

top-5-most-rare-animals-in-the-world-sumatran rhinoceros
top 5 most rare animals in the world sumatran rhinoceros

Sumatran Rhinoceros is two horned Rhinoceros. Now a days Fewer than 100 Sumatran rhinos are exist in the whole world, That’s why it is one of the endangered member in the family of top 5 rare animals in the world. This species is the smallest of all rhinos. They are now critically endangered, with only six substantial populations in the whole world : four on Sumatra, one on Borneo, and one in the Malay Peninsula. It is officially declared extinct species in Malaysia since 2015. Demand of their horns for  medicinal use in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore and ornamental use, those species are brutally poached. Habitat loss due to forest conversion for agriculture and human in-habitation, declining genetic diversity are the another causes of the extinction of Sumatran Rhinoceros.

    3. Greater Bamboo Lemur :

top 5 most rare animals in the world greater bamboo lemur

Probably, this is the only species of mammals who are the specialist in eating bamboo. Greater bamboo lemur is distinguished from the other lemurs by its distinctive white ear tufts. It is also known as  broad-nosed bamboo lemur or the broad-nosed gentle lemur. South- and central eastern Madagascar is the main habitation of this Critically Endangered animal. In present scenario there are only 500 individuals exist from approximately 11 sub-populations. The main threats to this species are slash-and-burn agriculture, illegal logging, mining, the cutting of bamboo, and hunting with slingshots and snares.

   4. Snow Leopard :

top 5 most rare animals in the world snow leopard

According to IUCN snow leopard is one of the critically endangered animals since 2003. Presently it is founded in the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia. They have powerful legs which help them to jump as far as 50 feet (15 meters). Snow leopard is also known for their long tails which is very thickly covered with fur that allows them to be used like a blanket to protect their faces when asleep. The changing climate in the mountain area is a big threat to the snow leopard. Beside that Hunting, habitat loss and vindicatory killings are the another causes of listing the snow leopard as an endangered species.

   5. Western Lowland Gorilla :

top 5 most rare animals in the world western lowland gorilla

Western lowland gorilla, the lightest and smallest subspecies of gorilla can be found in Lowland tropical forests of central Africa. The forests of Congo (Brazzaville) are currently considered as the major habitation of this critical endangered species. They are mainly herbivorous, as they eat fruits, leaves, bark and rotten wood. So the rapid disappearing of rain forest in central Africa mainly in Congo basin due to timber exporting, is the main cause of rapid decrements of the western lowland gorilla. Apart from this hunting and the Ebola virus are the main threats to that rare animal.

We can share this information with others to increase the awareness to save all those extinct species from ultimate extinction.