There are many facts in the world that students do not yet know about even after being exposed to hundreds of pages full of knowledge in school. There are many unknown facts out there in science that students have no idea about. Sometimes students should look past their textbooks to know more about the fascinating facts the world of science holds. Here are a few interesting and amazing science facts that will surprise you.

Amazing Science Facts That Will Surprise A Student:

1. Space Dilemma

amazing-science-facts-space-dilemmaFor many years now science fiction movies have convinced us that jumping out of a spaceship without a spacesuit on will result in our bodies breaking off or exploding like it has been shown in many Hollywood films over the years. But in reality it’s not the case, you might feel a slight discomfort because of the expansion of air in the body but you would definitely not explode into thousands of pieces. It is true that liquids boil inside a vacuum but the circulatory system in our body keeps our blood under pressure. Space might be extremely cold but it doesn’t mean that you will lose body heat so quickly just like how Thermos flasks are a great insulator. Honestly speaking the only thing that can get you killed in space is the lack of oxygen.

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2. Babies got more bones

amazing-science-facts-babies-got-more-bonesEverybody knows how adorable babies are and that the birth of every child brings a smile upon millions of parents all around the world. But did you know that Babies are born with extra 300 bones coming into the world many of these bones have cartilage between them, making the birth process much easier because of the flexibility of the baby. The extra bones helps the baby grow at an increased speed and as years go by majority if the bones fuse together leaving just 206 bones to make up an adult skeleton.


3. Eiffel Tower can grow more than 15 cm tall in Summer

amazing-science-facts-eiffel-tower-growsLocated in one of the best romantic cities on earth, The Eiffel Tower is symbol of France and one of the most iconic manmade structures on the world. It is also one of the most visited monuments in the world, but did you know that the tower grows taller in the summer by 15 cm? The phenomenon is true. When a metal is heated its particles take up larger volume and move which is known as thermal expansion. The same way a temperature drop can cause it to contract again. This is exactly why huge structures like suspension bridges and the Eiffel tower expand and contract due to change in temperature.

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4. Infrared cameras can barely detect Polar Bears

amazing-science-facts-poler-bears-infraredPolar Bears are in the list of many endangered species on this earth. These giant mammals are beginning to disappear from their natural habitat due to human conflict. Polar Bears have the ability to conserve their body heat and stay undetected by thermal cameras. These mammals stay warm because of the thick layer of blubber under their skin along with a thick coat of fur, Polar Bears can live in the coldest of weathers.

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5. Stomach acid in our body can dissolve steel

 amazing-science-facts-stomach-acid-can-dessolve-steelThe human body has a complicated but perfect design and tends to every problem of an individual. The human body has the ability to perform unthinkable processes just like how our stomachs can easily digest food due to a very corrosive hydrochloric acid with a pH level of 2-3. This acid also attacks your stomach lining, which protects itself by secreting an alkali bicarbonate solution. The lining still needs to be replaced continually, and it entirely renews itself every four days.

So now you know the kind of amazing facts that you have been kept from learning. Along with reading your school textbook, NCERT solutions or guides, once in awhile there is no harm in reading these amazing facts.

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