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How To Increase Website Traffic : Some Real Ways


One day, in my dream God has come and told me, Dear I will give you a blessing, tell me What do you want? With a full of joy, I have told the Almighty to give me the tricks to increase my website traffic to a prestigious level. But, Suddenly I wake up and came back to the real world. May be this is the fantasy of many passionate bloggers who are suffering from lack of visitors. A common question: How to increase website traffic?

“More traffic means more advertising dollars”

 – Jeff Zucker

surely this is the aim of 99% bloggers. Are you a new comer to the world of blogging? then obviously you are searching for the answer of this evergreen question, how to drive traffic to your website?

Don’t be so anxious. Most of the big names have also struggled for the visitor in their early stage. You have to just find out the proper way out. Hit the exact point and it will BOOM surely.

Now the question is What are the exact points to increase website traffic? The points are very basic. It’s not a rocket science. Just identify the metrics and work on them. The effect will surely come after few days. Let’s go for the tricks to find how to get traffic to your website?

How to get traffic?

Many of the complex concepts are there as the name of ways to increase website traffic. Some guys also claim that those processes are functionally proved. But, I have mentioned earlier and again suggest you Go with the basic.

traffics are generally categorized into 5 types:

  • Organic
  • social
  • direct
  • referral
  • other


When the first one will increase in respect of others, that’s a good sign for your website. But others are not also negligible. They also contribute to increasing your website traffic.

Here we will discuss the total procedure based upon few points. It will be easy to acquire and execute the whole process one by one point.

   Quality of Content :


Nothing can be compromised with quality. ‘Bounce Rate‘ is a big factor. You will never want that your visitors will return without completing your article. You have to learn the trick to attract them. A quality content will help you to stick your visitors in your post.

  • Firstly choose an enthralling headline. A headline is the first impression of the topic, mind it. so go for a catchy and keyword oriented headline. A perfect keyword placing in your headline will secure a better rank in the search engine.
  • Write a spun free, unique content. Forget the copy-pest. Provide some unique and informative article to your visitor. Check your content with copyscape.
  • Go with simple sentences instead of complex one. Don’t make a paragraph more than 4 to 5 sentences.
  • Make sure that there is no Grammatical or spelling mistake. Google will check manually your every article and nothing is hidden from Google. So try to maintain the proper sentence structure with grammar and spelling. You may try Grammarly.
  • Don’t forget to update your posts on a periodical basis. Especially those are not the evergreen topic.

Example: may be you have written a topic on ‘top 5 search engines’. The rank and the traffic of those search engines are changed periodically. So you have to update your topic also with those statistics. visitors will never prefer the trashy information.

Try to make your content with more than 1000 words. But it should be an informative one. well decorated with relevant pictures and info graphics or graphs, bullet points, will make your content the perfect one.

   Maintain Proper SEO :

Maybe this is the most discussed and most important factor for your website. No no don’t need to contact with an SEO expert. You can do it yourself if you have a basic knowledge of SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is a trick by which search engine will prefer your page and it will well rank in search engine. That means you will get more organic traffic. Generally, Two types of SEO are there.

  • On-page SEO: Refers to your site’s optimization. Here the term “keyword” comes. Your article should enrich with quality keywords preferably long tail keywords.  Images should have proper Alt-tag. The out bound linking to other high authority sites and the internal linking to your other relevant pages are also the part of on-page SEO.
  • Off-page SEO: It is about the other websites. How will your site is back linked from other relevant websites, That is optimized by off-page SEO. comments in pertinent good websites, forum posting, guest blogging on other websites are the aspects of off-page SEO.

The another important term is “meta description”. The search engine will find you with that meta description. So try to create your meta more summarized and full of keyword juice.

Now I will tell you about two important terms. Which produces a big impact on your website traffic.

  1. White Hat SEO: A very effective SEO technique and the right one also. When your good quality content researched with perfect keywords and Meta tags are linked from the relevant websites, is called White Hat Seo. It will not break the Search Engine rules. if you want to long run with your website, please maintain the White hat SEO.
  2. Black Hat SEO: The name tells the story. It is just opposite of White Hat. It is nothing but a Spamming. Linked from irrelevant topics and websites break the search engine rules. Hidden text or links are also included in Black Hat SEO. You may get a short time huge traffic by this method, But in long-term, it is the worst method. The maximum possibility of getting banned from the Search engine. So don’t do it.

There are many SEO tutorials in the market. Who promote themselves as the best SEO guide. But I will suggest you go with the klikko.dk/seo  It is a Denmark based website, which can provide you the vast idea on the SEO.

   Social Media Marketing:

I have discussed earlier that social traffic plays a big role in your total traffic. We all are well aware of the power of Social media. It is the perfect platform to promote your content as well as your website. The best way to spread your brand is to connect with more people. Various social media will provide you those “More People”.



there are several Social Media platforms to meet your need. Here is the listing of top social media sites where you can share your articles or videos or images with a big audience.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr
  • Linkedin
  • Xing
  • Renren
  • Vine
  • Meetup
  • Secret

I know, You haven’t account in all of these. So go for all the social media sites and post your article or image or video there with a catchy tagline. It will surely boost your traffic and build your reputation in the blogger world. But don’t try to spam, It will harm your website.

Some social media like Facebook offers to boost your post for few Dollars. This boosting will engage more viewers in the post. If you are well satisfied with your post, you can go with the boosting.

Social Media platforms are for all. So everyone can post there and this is the best opportunity to judge your competitor. follow their posts and compare those with your one. The scenario will be clear.you can easily refurbish your content and make it more user-friendly.

   Email Marketing: 

The another way to attract visitors to your site is email marketing. You can reach to the new visitors through that email marketing. When you attach a fresh contact to your auto list, they’ll begin to start receiving an organized sequence of emails. That will engage your audience to some extent.

A tricky and potent email marketing strategy can Boom your traffic. But Make sure about one thing that your email strategy should not annoy your recipients.


Go steady and slow, you must win the race. A sudden raise in your traffic graph may possible, but this is not the right way for a long run. There should be a constant acceleration and when it will reach the optimum point, the graph should be steady. Domain age is a factor. So, just do your work properly and it will BOOM surely.

That’s all from my point of view. Hope it will help you. If you have some additional ideas, you can share it by commenting below.