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Top 5 Search Engines

Top 5 search engines list

Where will you type your search queries? If I throw the question to the average people who are not the expert internet users, in 90 % cases the answer will be Google, Bing or Yahoo. The remain 10 % answer will be different and that may be Ask, Aol search or MyWebSearch etc. It is true that Google is mastering in that field but some another search engines are also there which serve millions of search queries per day.

It is true that other search engines can not reach that height yet, from where they can appear as a threat to Google. There are some regional search engines which can compete with Google, such as Baidu and Soso.com in China; Naver.com and Daum Communications in South Korea; Yandex in Russia; Seznam.cz in the Czech Republic; but here we are talking about the global search engines. Nevertheless, Every search engine has its own visitors. Here we rank the top 5 search engines according to how widely known and widely used they are.  The parameters of consideration are estimated monthly search, Alexa ranking etc.

top 5 search engines :

   1.  Google :

top 5 search engines Google

You can say it Google web search or Google search or simply Google. The name is enough and further introduction is not necessary. Can you imagine Google manages more than three billion searches per day? It is a crawler-based search engine. Not only the web, Google fulfill your hunt for the images, videos, news, books, maps, apps etc.

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors – 4,840,295,000

Alexa Ranking – 01 (updated on September 2017)


   2. Baidu :

Top 5 Search Engines Baidu

Baidu is a Chinese web services company and it was founded on January 1, 2000. Besides a web search engine, Baidu offers many services like audio files and images. Baidu serves as an online encyclopedia where the registered users can edit the articles. They have planned to compete with Apple music in China. So Baidu announced the intention to merge with Taihe Entertainment Group on December 4, 2015.

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors – 1,471,079,000

Alexa Ranking – 04 (updated on September 2017)


   3. Yahoo :

top 5 search engines Yahoo

Yahoo stands for “Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle”.  Though since October 2011 Yahoo is operated by bing, yahoo search is third prominent search engine you are looking for. It is human-compiled directory based search engine. Yahoo has collaborated with Yelp, Inc to boost its local search for better competition with Google. It is totally scripted by PHP.

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors – 1,038,375,000

Alexa Ranking – 06 (updated on September 2017)

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   4. Bing :

top 5 search engines bing

Search engine produced by Microsoft and one of the healthy competitors of Google. Your second best option for the search query is Bing. Bing says for the users – “Bing is for doing”. It is available in 40 languages and totally scripted by Asp.net

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors – 203,482,000

Alexa Ranking – 40 (updated on September 2017)

   5. AOL Search :

top 5 search engines AOL

AOL stands for America On Line. AOL search is also a crawler-based search engine like google. The outcome of a search query of AOL is almost similar to Google. now the question is where it differs, it differs in the point in “internal” version of AOL Search. It provides links to content only available within the AOL online service. So, you have the option for search and browsing the web simultaneously.  It is written in c++ language.

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors – 39,961,000

Alexa Ranking – 266 (updated on September 2017)

Besides those, some another search engines are serving 24×7 hrs for your search quarries. They are:

  • Ask.com (About to enter in the top 5 list of search engines. Alexa ranking: 117, Monthly visitor: 80,923,000)
  • wow.com (Loosing its position rapidly. Alexa ranking: 7850, Monthly visitor: 2,181,300)
  • WebCrawler.com (Alexa ranking: 2881, Monthly visitor: 5,161,100)
  • MyWebSearch.com (Alexa ranking: 18,335, Monthly visitor: 1,052,200)
  • DuckDuckGo.com (It is gaining its position rapidly. If this rocket speed continues, it will surely enter in top 5 lists. Alexa ranking: 401, Monthly visitor: 28,086,000)
  • ChaCha.com (Alexa ranking: 46,003, Monthly visitor: 476,700)
  • HotBot.com (Alexa ranking: 380,936, Monthly visitor: 70,800)
  • Lycos.com (Alexa ranking: 24,096, Monthly visitor: 831,900)
  • Infospace.com (Alexa ranking: 35,691, Monthly visitor: 593,300)

Hope the above information will help you to gather a summarized vision about the search engines.If you have any updates, please comment below.