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How have wedding cakes become traditional?


Cakes have become inevitable in every happy occasion these days. From birthdays to anniversaries to marriages, you name a happy occasion and there you go for the cake. Without cutting a cake, not a single happy moment is celebrated these days.

Wedding or anniversaries are also not an exception. Be it work anniversaries or marriage anniversaries, cakes are a must in every occasion. To send anniversary cakes to someone on their anniversaries, one can order from online cake websites so that they have delivered on their doorsteps easily.

History of wedding cakes :

The wedding cake has been an ancient tradition and is very popular since many years. As people say, in ancient Rome, the invitees on a wedding used to end the wedding by breaking the wedding cake on the bride’s head. This was a very famous ritual and at that point of time, cakes were mainly made of barley and wheat. This was believed to be a symbol of fortune. After the cake breaking ceremony is over, the newlywed couples are asked to eat a few crumbs from the broken cake together. This indicates that they will share their life together from this day. After that, the guests used to gather up the remaining crumbs of the cake which were considered a symbol of good luck.

Some years later, in the medieval period in England to be precise, there were very small pieces of buns, which were spiced and stacked in a pile when there was a wedding. The guests after arriving would throw a challenge to the newlywed bride and groom that they have to kiss each other over the stack of that piled buns. If they were able to do it, then it will bring a lifelong prosperity to them. In early days, the wedding cakes in England were famously known as Bride’s Pie. Each guest present in the wedding was supposed to take a bite from the pie, and one who got the wedding ring hidden in the pie was the next to marry. This was just a belief. Though this concept is very old; bride’s pie is still a delicacy in many   parts of England.

Bride cake, on other hands, is a concept which arrived much later. From the 17th century onwards, fruit cakes become a popular tradition as a wedding cake. Fruit cakes became popular because; fruit means fertility, productivity, and prosperity. In some places, a small cake was offered to the bride on her arrival at her new home. After eating a piece from it, the bride would throw the rest of the cake over her head. Then the groom used to take the empty plate and threw it over his head. If it was broken, then a good future life is there for the couple. This was to assure good fortune for future.

One can bake a cake and send it to their near and dear ones when there is a happy occasion. But if they want to order it online, then there is always a cake delivery option which they can use to send cakes to their friends and families.

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