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Top 5 Oils For fertility Based On Scientific Facts


A recent survey says that about 7 million couples are suffering from Infertility problem in US. This is a burning issue of the recent global scenario. Infertility is more common than you might think. Treating the causes of the condition are become more advanced over the years with alternative care being highly considered and often used.

Medical treatments now have advanced to the point on the verge. There is almost every solution to infertility we could think of at this point. Oils for fertility is the new addition to the list of alternative infertility treatment.

Oils for fertility 

Here we are listing the 5 oils to treat the infertility problem.

  1. CBD oil
  2. Lavender oil
  3. Rose Otto oil
  4. Fennel oil
  5. Clary sage oil

On the natural side of treatment possibilities to make one fertile again, you should learn about the benefits of CBD oil. CBD is found in cannabis and is the non-psychoactive constituent of hemp and high CBD cannabis. It has been useful in a huge variety of health problems and it is legal in 50 states. It may not be a perfect cure or, then again, it might be.

What Can CBD Do?

CBD has been shown to help seizure disorders, pain, anxiety, depression, immune boosting, balanced neurotransmitters, cancer, and a number of other health problems. How much CBD should you take? The dosage will surprise you, but the answer is actually not as simple as you might think. Different conditions may require different doses. In spite of this, we do understand the scale of dosages and have a relative idea of what doses to use.

The actual dosage can range from 25 to 500mg of CBD daily. Very high dosages are rarely used for infertility. What is more important is the quality and effectiveness of the oils used. The oils need to be high in CBD and very low in THC.

It is first important to understand what scientific studies have discovered about use of cannabinoids and how this can affect fertility in men. In most studies, THC has been used and it has been consistently demonstrated that there is a negative effect on fertility. CBD is different, however, and it acts on different receptors in the body. New studies suggest that high CBD oils are beneficial to male fertility.

How Can I Use CBD and the Oils?

Cannabis is the main source of CBD, but hemp oil is too. Medical marijuana is not yet legal in all states, but CBD oil is. The CBD oils have most to all of the THC removed or it already starts out with low THC flowers. With both hemp and marijuana, the constituents are extracted into oil and other preparations. The best kinds of oil available to use are as follows:

  • Hemp oil based CBD
  • CBD oil with other oils
  • CBD in coconut oil to use in cooking
  • CBD concentrates on various potencies
  • Vaporized CBD oil as a fast relief for anxiety.

These are the kinds of forms you will find for CBD oil. The coconut oil based CBD is usually found in capsules but you can make it yourself with hemp flowers. For the most serious conditions of infertility, higher doses from 250 to 500mg total CBD may be used daily. Doses this high are best found in the oil concentrates, typically in a syringe format for oral use. All of the CBD oils will help to some extent, but the higher dose concentrates are favored for the best results.

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