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Causes of Infertility : Male Infertility and Female Infertility

Causes Of Infertility

You are trying for several months or years but each time it fails with a big disappointment. Don’t be panic, it is not only you, lots of couples are facing this now a days. The only way out is you have to find the causes of infertility. What is infertility? As per medical science If a couple fails to conceive after trying from two months to one year, then it is said they have infertility related problem. A natural pregnancy will happen if sperm and ovum will fertilize naturally and fertilized zygote will travel to uterus and placed in uterine wall. Infertility causes when the natural fertilization of sperm and ovum will not happen.

Reasons for infertility may be classified as causes of male infertility and causes of female infertility. Both the male infertility and female infertility are curable and a natural and healthy pregnancy may be possible.

Causes of Infertility :

Let’s find the causes of infertility as well as the treatments and signs of infertility.

Male infertility :

There are so many causes of male infertility. You may get the signs of male infertility to identify the male factor infertility.

   1. Erectile Dysfunction Due To Professional And Mental Stress:

Causes Of Infertility erectile dysfunction

Sexual Intercourse is not only the fact of physical satisfaction, but also It deals with mental satisfaction. Now a days in our busy lifestyle It is quite common for many couple that can’t manage time for a perfect sexual intercourse. Again somebody get busy to think about his office or profession in the time of intercourse. which affects their ability of intercourse.

Those who are preparing for child should cohabit once and again. It was practically noted that frequent sexual intercourse is more effective to conceive than sexual intercourse on the date of ovulation or day before ovulation. Ovum can live only 12 to 14 hours. So presence of sperm is so important for that short time period. In the male body, brain send a signal in the time of erection. If you are over tired or stressed, then your brain will not send the right signal. which affects the sexual intercourse. It is called erectile dysfunction. This erectile dysfunction can be treated by medicine. It will take round about three to four months.

   2. Retrograde Ejaculation :

Causes Of Infertility Retrograde Ejaculation

Any type of neurological problem, diabetic neuropathy, Injury in spinal chord can create infertility related problems in male body. After diabetes and prostrate operation men can face the retrograde ejaculation problem. Retrograde Ejaculation means semen cannot ejected out from body and stored in urine bladder even after a perfect sexual intercourse.So Retrograde ejaculation can cause by different reasons and they are mainly prostate surgery, surgery in bladder neck,medication used for high blood pressure and prostrate enlargement, neurological problem, diabetic neuropathy, Injury in spinal chord etc.

Retrograde ejaculation patient is treated with alkaline mixture, because the alkaline mixture will turn the urine in alkaline form. Which reduces the possibility of damage of the sperm stored in the urine bladder. After that the released sperm is put in the uterus by the process named Intrauterine Insemination. Sometimes retrograde ejaculation can be improved by controlling the blood sugar and switching the blood pressure medication.

    3. Low Sperm Count And Defective Sperm :

Causes Of Infertility Low Sperm Count

As the age of a man is increasing the free radicals of his body will harm the sperm cells as like as the other cells of his body. After 35 years of his age, a man will produce more number of unnatural sperm. A sperm has to be divided for 380 times before its maturity. This number of division will reduce with the age. As a result the unnatural sperms are produced. The average sperm count in a male body should be between 120 and 350 million per cubic centimeter.

There are so many sperm related problems like

(i) There is no sperm in male body. It is called azoospermia.

(ii) Less number of sperm in male body. Which is called oligospermia.

(iii) the defective movement of sperm. It is called asthenospermia.

(iv) The structural defect in sperm. This is called teratozoospermia.

All the sperm related problem will be diagnosed by semen analysis. semen analysis will assure the sperm count of male body.It also helps to find the movement of sperm in semen fluid and the shape size and appearance of the sperm.  Again semen cultural sensitivity test will assure about any bacterial infection in sperm.

Mainly the genetic factor due to abnormal chromosome is the main cause of low sperm count. Beside that Gonadotropin deficiency, Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer treatment like chemotherapy or radiation, Smoking, obstruction in ejaculatory path all are the major causes of low or zero sperm count. Some drugs will reduce the sperm count. You need to avoid all that medicines as per your doctor’s prescription. A injury to the scrotum or to the testis may be a cause of low sperm count.

There are so many treatment for low sperm count or defective sperm. Azoosperimia patient needs contact with the sperm bank. This process is called donor insemination. But when it is obstructive azoospermia then surgery can fix the problem. In some cases it has been seen that there is enough sperm in testis but they cannot ejaculate from body. For those cases patient has to go through the Surgical Sperm Retrieval treatment. Hormone treatment will also be helpful to increase the sperm count. In hormone treatment  patient should be treated with the gonadotropin drugs to increase the level of gonadotrophin hormone.It will take 3 to 6 months. If there is any infection in reproductive tract, then antibiotics will help to recover from that infection.

Female Infertility


Let’s find out the causes of infertility in women.

   1. Endometriosis And Uterine Fibroid :

Causes Of Infertility Endometriosis And Uterine Fibroid

Endometriosis is one of the major obstruction to pregnancy. It is a disease Which can cause infertility for woman. The symptoms of Endometriosis are heavy period and painful period. Also painful intercourse or painful urination may be the effect of Endometriosis. If you have experienced any of the above be aware of that.

Endometrium layer is the layer founded in the inner surface of uterus. But when there is abnormal growth of that layer outside the uterus mainly in pelvic area, then it is called Endometriosis. Endometriosis can cause cysts in ovary, which are called the chocolate cyst. Chocolate cysts are filled with black and thick fluid which are most percentage of old blood. It causes the obstruction to release the ovum from ovary. chocolate cyst can also be found in the fallopian tube and affect the movement of sperm or fertilised zygote. So we can see that Endometriosis is a big threat to women fertility. Mainly genetic, immunological, and hormonal reasons are the causes of Endometriosis.

Endometriosis can be confirmed by a laproscopy and it is treated by hormonal treatment. By the hormonal treatment the ovulation is reduced or stopped effect of which Endometriosis can be eliminated. Combined oral contraceptive pills are also be used for the treatment of Endometriosis. Progesterone hormones are also be delivered with T shaped device in to the uterus for the treatment of Endometriosis. Endometriosis can also be fully cured with the help of surgery.

uterine fibroid may be the another culprit which can cause the obstruction to pregnancy. It is the benign lumps which growths in the uterus. It is a noncancerous growth. uterine fibroids are also called leiomyomas. Irregular period, Heavy bleeding during mensuration, abdominal cramp and painful intercourse are the symptoms of uterine fibroid. It can be diagnosed by USG. Uterine fibroid can be treated with the oral medicine and oral contraceptive pills. Also taking the GnRH injection per month can restrict the growth of uterine fibroid.

   2. Sexually Transmitted Infection And Tubal Blockage :

Causes Of Infertility Tubal Blockage

The infertility affected couple should consult with the reproductive medicine expert. As per his or her prescription several blood tests , USG and HSG test (hysterosalpingogram) of female body should be performed.  If it is seen from the HSG test result that there is partial or fully blockage or damage in fallopian tube, then it is called tubal blockage. Which is a major cause of infertility. Egg from ovary will meet with sperm in fallopian tube and then the egg is fertilised and the fertilised egg will travel to the uterus through the fallopian tube. so, if there is blockage in fallopian tube ,egg cannot be fertilised by the sperm and they can’t travel to the uterus and that cause infertility,

It has been seen from the past experience that infection, endometriosis, adhesion and structural anomaly of fallopian tube are the main reason of tubal blockage. But the statistics show that infection is responsible in 80% cases of tubal blockage. Chlamydia and Trichomoniasis bacterial infection will attack the fallopian tube in female body. Which results the tubal blockage. So hygiene should be the aim to avoid those bacterial infection.

Sexually transmitted infection is transmitted from your partner during sex. When you are belonging from an open sex society or if you believe in free sex then and you have sex with multiple partner then you may carry the sexually transmitted infection which can block your fallopian tube. Tubal blockage may happen as a result ofDiarrhea in your childhood, Tuberculoses infection etc.

The main problem in tubal blockage is that  you can not understand that you have tubal blockage, as long as you discover that you can’t conceive after several intercourse in several periods, It has no symptoms. The Only symptom is failure  to getting pregnant.

There are many ways to get rid from that tubal blockage. HSG test (hysterosalpingogram)shold be performed to diagnosis if there is any tubal blockage is present or not. HSG test will also removes some sort of blockage during performing the test. beside that medicine treatment can cure the partial  tubal blockage. But if there is a greater extent of blockage then doctor will suggest you to do Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. In some cases tubal blockage will happen due to past wound in lower abdomen which cause the adhesion in fallopian tube. then it is tried to untangle the fallopian tube to the maximum limit. But when it fails and the doctors have to cut the fallopian tube then the only to getting pregnant is IVF (in vitro fertilisation).

   3. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome :

Causes Of Infertility Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is almost a common problem in many women. It causes hormonal imbalance in women body and that hormonal imbalance effects in period and pregnancy. So Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is one of the major cause of women infertility. From the name ‘Polycystic’, it is clear that their are growth of many numbers of cyst in a ovary or in both ovaries.

When you are planning your pregnancy and after several intercourse in several periodic cycle, you cannot conceive then with other possibilities you cannot ignore the possibility of PCOS. PCOS has  several an other symptoms too. Those are extra facial and body hair, acne, extra weight gain, frequent mood swing etc.

The main cause of PCOS is unknown but in many cases it has been seen that it is a genetic problem. That means if your family has  a history of PCOS then you may be the victim of that syndrome.

PCOS causes the hormonal imbalance. It affects the inter relation of hormones in female body. The sex hormones are mostly affected. Ovaries produces small amount of Androgen  (male hormone). PCOS causes slight extra production of that androgen. Which causes the stoppage of ovulation, acne and extra facial and body hair. If ovulation is stopped then there is no chance of successful fertilisation of egg with sperm. PCOS also affects the periodic cycle. Women with PCOS often experience delay period or missed period and major lower abdominal cramp during period. If there is less than three period in a year in  woman body then her endometrium layer in uterus get thicker and causes problem in pregnancy.

PCOS also causes the insulin resistance in female body. That means female body has a problem in using insulin, when there is a problem in using insulin blood sugar level goes up and causes diabetes.

There is several ways to treat the PCOS. To control the PCOS you have to eat more fruits, vegetables, Whole grain cereals and whole grain pasta etc. Taking birth control pills are also a treatment of PCOS, because that reduces the production of male hormone (androgen) and control menstrual cycle. The most efficient way to get rid from PCOS is the surgery, Which called ovarian drilling or laproscopy. By which the doctor punctures the ovary and help to reduce the production of male hormone and increases the chance of ovulation.

   4. Imbalance Diet And Obesity :

Causes Of Infertility Imbalance Diet And Obesity

Some one says that your weight and food habit may be a big obstruction for your pregnancy. So what are you thinking, Is it true or not. Yes It is hundred percent true. healthy diet is obviously necessary for a healthy pregnancy. You should include plenty of  fruits and vegetables in your diet chart. Remember one thing, never miss your breakfast, because if you will not take your breakfast at right time your blood sugar level will decrease. That will disturb your hormonal level. The same thing is applicable for your lunch and dinner. Don’t take excess amount of tea or coffee. As the caffeine is diuretic, It will pulls out the water from your body. If you are following an unscientific diet then hormonal imbalance in your body will occur and it will reduce your chance to be getting pregnant. So healthy lifestyle and healthy diet may be the key factor and also try some fertility foods.

Your over weight may reduce your chance to be getting pregnant. fat cells secretes the oestrogen hormone. The over secretion of oestrogen hormone will obstruct the process of maturity of ovum or egg cell. You have to be careful, if your BMI is over thirty. you can calculate your BMI with the BMI calculator But remember one thing that a minimum body fat is required for your natural ovarian function, less than that will minimize your oestrogen level from the borderline which is also a big problem for your conceiving. If you have a bulk of fat in your abdomen then you may suffer from Polycystic ovarian syndrome, Diabetes, High blood pressure etc. Those all may be the cause of lowering your chance to be getting pregnant. So reduce your weight with with exercise and healthy diet.

These, I guess, will be helpful for you. But don’t forget to consult with your doctor. He is the ultimate guide for you as things varies case to case. Catch the

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