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What is PLC ? Plc system

What is PLC

What is PLC? This is a common question among the maximum CNC users. It is nothing but a abbreviation of Programmable Logic controller, a digital system to automate the various industrial eletro-mechanical processes. You may called it as a PLC definition. But if you want to know more descriptively about what does plc stand for? Then go through the details.

What is PLC

Here we have a brief description of plc system to know about what is a PLC?

A PLC matches the NC to the machine. PLC s were basically introduced as replacement for hard-wired relay control panels. They were developed to be re-programmed without hardware changes when requirements were altered and thus are re-usable. PLC s are now available with increased functions, more memory and larger input/output capabilities.
In the CPU, all the decisions are made relative to controlling a machine or a process. The CPU receives input data, performs logical decisions based upon stored programs and drives the outputs. Connections to a computer for hierarchical control are done via the CPU.
The I/O structure of PLC is one of their major strengths. The inputs can be push buttons, limit switches, relay contacts, analog sensors, selector switches, thumb wheel switches, proximity sensors, pressure switches, float switches, etc. The outputs can be motor starters, solenoid valves, piston valves, relay coils, indicator lights, LED displays etc.

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