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5 Ways How to Improve the Resale Value of your Car


Most of the people who want to buy a new car would want to sell their old one. And, who doesn’t look forward to getting a better deal when selling their car? Actually, there are options for selling the car. One option is to approach a used car dealer or a car dealership for exchange. The other option is selling directly to an individual.

You can choose the first option if your car is more than 10 years old or you want instant liquidation. Selling directly to an individual fetches you the best value for your used car without any doubt, but it requires a little bit of legwork. Read on to know more as to how you can improve the resale value of your car.

Tips for getting a better deal on your old car:


Tip #1: Vehicle Documents


If you want to get the best possible price when selling your car, it is very important to keep all the related documents in order. In India, it is mandatory to keep the following key documents current and valid:


Registration Certificate (RC): All vehicles have to be registered with the Motor Vehicles Department before they can be used on the Indian roads. There should be no misprints or misspellings.


Insurance: It is mandatory to have an insurance cover for your car if you want to drive it anywhere in India. Without an insurance policy for your car, it cannot be transferred to the buyer.


Pollution Under Control (PUC): This certificate shows that your car does not emit toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. Battery operated vehicles do not require this certificate. The certificate has to be renewed every six months.


Tip #2: External Appearance


The “First impression is the best impression” does work and it would definitely go a long way in fetching a better price for your car. If required, touch up the exterior paint. Further, car cleaning and polishing can be helpful in fetching a higher price for your car.


You don’t have to present the car in showroom condition, but polishing the car would make it more appealing to the prospective buyer. Everyone prefers to own a car that looks good and is as close to the showroom condition as possible. A car care experience treatment would be helpful. It involves removing small gaps, dents and scratches, and tar marks, and cleaning up of plastic parts. It is also important to clean up the engine bay and fix fuel leaks, and oil leaks. If the exterior is reasonably clean, you can just get the wax and polish the car yourself at home.


Another aspect to be taken care of is the headlights. They get foggy over time. Headlight cleaning kits are available in the market. Cleaning up the headlights gives your car a fresh look. A cheap way of cleaning the headlights is to rub a little bit of toothpaste and wipe it using a soft cloth. You can use the polish, later on, to give shine to the headlight lens.


Finally, inspect the tyres of your car. If any tyre is damaged, you can replace it with a new one keeping the cost aspects in mind.


Getting your car washed at the service station every time can be an expensive affair. If you can get a car care kit, you would be able to do the regular cleaning yourself at home.


Tip #3: Interior Cleaning


Interior cleaning includes removing food items, replacing damaged foot mats, upholstery cleaning, changing damaged pedal covers, and adding a mild perfume. A clean interior will create a positive impact in the buyer’s mind.


Vacuuming the interior of the car effectively removes all kind of dirt. The AC vents, panels, and switches should also be cleaned. You can make use of a car cleaning kit for the purpose.


The dash lights need to be bright to keep the buyer interested in the car.  Always check the dashboard warning lights. If any of the warnings lights are active, it should be fixed immediately. For example, the ABS warning light will remain on if there is a problem in the anti-lock brake system. It may be the ABS sensor problem, but it is important to fix it because it can have a negative impact on resale value. Do fix such issues that could leave a negative remark.


Tip #4: Performance


Servicing your car on a regular basis contributes to enhancing not only its performance but also its longevity. Get your car serviced only at authorised service centres and always use original spare parts. This ensures that your car remains closer to the new condition and gets you a better price at the time of selling it.


Keep all the electrical systems fully functional. The buyer can get a fused bulb easily fixed, but it leads to lowering the perceived value of the car. Adding alloy wheels, spoilers, and making other modifications might enhance the appeal of the car in your eyes, but the buyer need not think so. Similarly, it is good to avoid engine modifications and performance tune-ups. Such changes tend to reduce the prospective customer base because many would be worried about the damages caused to the car.


Further, it pays to keep the clutch and the brakes in good condition, making sure that they feel right when driving. Also, do what is needed to remove small rattling noises.

If getting a good resale price is important to you, keep your car as close to the stock condition as possible. Revert to the stock condition, if you have done some modifications and engine tune-ups.


Tip #5: Service Records


Maintaining the service records in a proper manner would come in handy when selling your car. It tells the buyer how it has been performing. Prospective buyers often go through service records to have an understanding of the accident history. The servicing requirements would be low if your car has been running well. This will help you to realize a better resale value for your car. If you have not filed the service records, you may be able to get a copy from the authorized service center.


Finally, get the car checked by experts to ensure that everything is in order. Ultimately, in the marketplace, a 5 plus years old car that is well maintained will fetch you a better price than a three-year-old car that is poorly maintained. The trick is to maintain your car in good condition.