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How to Track Internet History Inbox on Android? Free Guide

track internet history on android

The internet is now the most interesting option for children to play games. Teens search for online movies and videos to watch. Businessmen and employees can’t be isolated from the virtual industry. So, it is one of the best tools for research, information updates, and communication. Now, Android phone users are really happy to use internet for non-stop browsing. They have to be well versed how to track internet history on android.

For Safety –Use Internet Browsing History Trackers on Android

Internet wizards track many unknown sites which seem to be inappropriate for students. They must not download these sites to have adult spices. Therefore, parents should check history box regularly. Children must not be encouraged to grow bad habit to see these forbidden sites. Besides, online free radicals, spyware, spam, and virus are detrimental to android devices. Hackers can import bank details and other confidential files from the system. Therefore, learn how to block these sites to resist hacking. They must cross check the browsing history for evaluation.

Quick Steps to Follow

First of all, Android customers need to download good history trackers from Google play store. The simplest way for activating your tracker is to follow the methods described by experts.

  • Go to your Google play store site
  • Locate the menu in the right corner
  • Choose three dots on the menu section and press the enter button
  • Find Settings
  • User controls on display
  • Change the PIN after tapping User Controls button
  • Your PIN number must not be exposed or shared with kids for safety reason
  • Content filtering mode is convenient for preventing online hacking and piracy

Download Advanced Internet History Tracker on Android

Online browsing history checking process must be a safeguard for a newbie. An innovated system tracker is helpful to seniors to do the proper comparison before deleting the specific websites from the history inbox. Browsers must not install fake software or tracker which is not suitable for the Android phones. Secondly, before the installation of any advanced browsing history tracking tools on the Android device, you should go for the proper device optimization.

Use Third Party Jailbroken Trackers on Android

Well, Google play store has no place for non-android users. In addition, in-application tools are not always free. Android subscribers are found paying the vendor for launching upgraded versions of internet history tracker directly on their Android-based handsets. Online free browsing history trackers are activated and people are seen downloading these awesome tools from different repositories. Customers jail-break their android devices as well. Basically, these repositories are equipped with jailbroken or decoded toolkits to have the new trackers for navigation in the historical archive. Steps are simple too. For instance, there is top spy mobile tracker for internet history navigation and many other purposes. One should shortlist the best tracker for using with a view to preventing the online system hacking or fraudulence.

Formalities to Download JailBroken Browsing History Trackers
Select reliable sites for installation

  • Open free account with username and password
  • After complete instant registration free, download the APK file on ultra-sleek android
  • This APK file of 9apps repository needs to be configured on the home screen
  • APK files must be debugged as well
  • Android OS should not be corrupted
  • If necessary reboot the handset to avoid any major tech glitz
  • On 9apps dashboard, updated lists are available
  • The archive of 9apps repo has modified jailbroken toolkits
  • Your internet tracking device must not be virus affected
  • Optimize the android with an anti-virus software to have good support
  • Now, directly press the download button to upgrade the android tool
  • Always steer clear of any bugging issue to have comfort at the time of software installation
  • Start tracking internet history vertically

Check Browsing History Inbox on Android

Sites which you have browsed are stored in the history box. Customers can re-open and bookmark these websites. However, if children are affected by any cumbersome porn site, it is necessary to remove it from the history. Parents block or wipe out these websites from history inbox. These modernized functional trackers will update you about the sites browsing. There are different browsing lists ranging from regular, weekly, monthly and yearly. Trace sites or URL links for last 30 days on your history inventory. The history inbox can be cleansed by clicking the mouse on “all delete” option. Previous sites will disappear to clean the browsing history.

Free Internet History Checking Guide

Guardians can share top notch internet browsing trackers with their cell phones. That means they will have all detailed information about any site which is viewed on Android. These sites are not healthy for children. These monitoring tools have awe-inspiring features. Collect all site browsing details before blocking. It is easy to use and its maintenance is not complicated.

Free trackers to navigate in the internet history can be updated on any android device. Keep your small kids out of junk sites by introducing remarkable trackers to reduce the severity of hacking and online bullying.

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