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Things You Know About Auto Filters And Ryco Filters



A filter is something which is designed only for the sole purpose to remove the contaminants from the engine oil, transmission oil, or any other oil what so ever. Mostly oil filters are used in machinery with moving parts which need oil for lubrication. The Ryco Filter is an efficient filter, which means it is better than most of the filters which are out there. The basic reason why it is more efficient is that of its filter paper or in technical terms called ‘media’.

Media is a pure mixture of different strongly bonded fibers, it helps the filter to remove all the contaminants which are found in the oil, air or even the fuel filter. The quality and the quantity of the ‘media’ is very important as it is the only thing which makes the difference when the filtering process is carried out. Sometimes the physical structure of the media may look the same, but they work very differently, the goal of the filter media is to move the majority of the contaminants while providing the least resistance to flow. The higher the efficiency, higher will be the percentage of dirt stopped by the filter.

Difference between a regular and Ryco filter

The basic rule is, more media, more the contaminants it will trap. Few pleats mean that there are little media and no capacity of the filter. Ryco Filters are equipped with a special kind of a drain back valve. The basic functionality of it is to stop the oil from spilling out of the filter or the oil galleries whenever the engine is shut down, it also provides a quick flow of the oil whenever the user starts up the engine. Not every filter requires this as it is also based on the construction of the engine which is being served with. Another great functionality is of the bypass valve, the basic purpose of this valve is, whenever the filter gets blocked due to any garbage or dirt particle, so this valve opens and allows the oil to flow through the engine and keeps the engine in good condition.

Why air filters are important

Ryco filters produce one of the best air filters as well. It uses one of the best technologies used to create those filters. Many of the times people even do ask if they need an air filter for their cars or other machines, so the basic answer is that without the air filter (which is the most important filter) untreated or unfiltered air will go into your car’s engine and will become a reason of excessive engine wear.

The air filter is a product which should be changed more often than the oil filter as air has more dirt particles which then becomes the cause of regular changing of the filter. To measure or to calculate the time when to change the air filter is by the environment in which the machine is operating, e.g. in hotter weather, dusty conditions, it becomes a reason to have your filter change more frequently. In any case, recommended a change of the air filter is due every 3 months after a new one is installed into your car. This becomes a good practice as well because a blocked air filter can easily increase the fuel consumption of the car it means that more fuel will be burnt to travel, plus it also potential to increase the cylinder bore wear because of the high fuel to air ratio.