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Top Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Lingerie


You’ve set the date, chosen your wedding venue, planned where Uncle Steven, the family nose picker will be seated, and now you are down to the fun stuff. Choosing your lingerie. Wedding lingerie can make a woman feel sexy, confident or comfortable. But, if you wear the wrong underwear and don’t notice you have a VPL (visible pantie line) or your bra illuminates up like Blackpool Tower when you are under bright lights, you can end up feeling the exact opposite. Here are some tips to ensure you choose bridal lingerie that makes you feel like a superstar on your big day.

Choose your wedding dress before your lingerie

Many brides make this common mistake. They fall in love with some gorgeous underwear and purchase it before the wedding dress, only to find the bra has straps, but the wedding dress they want more than anything is strapless. The best thing to do is make note of the lingerie shops that have bridal underwear you like and once you have found your dream dress, return back to the shop and make sure the lingerie is suitable for the dress as well as your outlooks and hairstyles.

Have a professional bra fitting service 

You may think you know your exact bra size and hip and waist measurements, but, it’s amazing how sizes can vary amongst different brands of underwear. Firstly, measure yourself at home, so you have an estimate of what size you are. Then, when you have chosen the underwear you like, ask the lingerie assistant to check the lingerie fits you correctly. Most reputable lingerie and department stores have staff that are professionally trained to offer this service to customers. You don’t want bits of boob bulging out of the bra where it shouldn’t be, or panties that ride up when you move.

Bra Vs No Bra

Of course, many women may prefer not to wear a bra at all and that’s fine, as long as your boobs are not too big or too small. The reason being is small breasted women may find the dress they have chosen requires a bush up bra, or the illusion of a bit of cleavage for it to look as it is intended to look, and bigger breasted women may need a bra for support in order for the dress to fit properly. So, remember these pointers when considering if you want to wear a bra or not.

Comfort is important

Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away according to what the lingerie looks like, rather than considering what it might feel like to wear for at least eight hours. You are going to be in your lingerie for most of the day, at least until you change out of your wedding dress, therefore your comfort is just as important as what the underwear looks like. For example, lace can become quite itchy over a period of a few hours and a basque can also be uncomfortable over a long period of time. If you notice during your lingerie fitting that having the lingerie on for only a short period feels slightly uncomfortable, choose something else. The discomfort would only get worse as the day went on, it wouldn’t get better.

Have a wedding dress fitting while wearing your underwear before the big day

Try not to make the mistake many women make and take off the hygienic tape on the lingerie as soon as you have bought it. Keep it all in place and then have a dress fitting while you are wearing your underwear. Check that the underwear does not show under the dress, there is no visible pantie line and the straps aren’t showing. If for any reason there is a problem with the underwear, providing you have not removed the hygienic tape and you have the receipt you can take it back to the shop and exchange it, or get a refund.

Don’t Forget the Wedding Night

OK, it’s very unlikely you are going to forget the wedding night, but, this is the time when you are not so restricted with the lingerie you want to wear. You may decide to stay in your wedding gown all day until the guests leave, or you may decide to change into an evening outfit. However, many women choose to wear something special when they retire to the bridal suite with their new husbands. Annsummers.com has some great lingerie range specifically for the wedding night and the striking discount vouchers lets you save some money on what you buy as well.
Our tips will help you get the underwear just right, but remember, another important thing you can wear on your wedding day is a smile. It will be one of the most important days of your life, so enjoy it and savour every minute.

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