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Weird games around the world | Unusual sports


You have a ball to play, but you can’t touch it. You have a calf, but it’s your ball, actually! Am I sounding ridiculous? Not really. To get clarified, check out our list of weird games. These unusual sports around the world are obscure, strange and crazy.

Top 5  weird games :

5. Chess Boxing

Chess boxing

Bizarre mixture of strength and intelligence. As the name itself suggests, this game is a mixture of chess and boxing. Alternate rounds are there and the winner is decided through either knock out or check mate.

It was conceptualized by French graphic novelist Enki Bilal in his novel Froid Equateur (1992). After getting a heavy weight upper cut, you have to concentrate for the best chess opening move. Imagine how bizarre it will be!

4. Buzkashi


Buzkashi is a weird fusion of Polo and football, where the ball is replaced by a headless calf !

Men on horses fight with each other to grab the beheaded beast and run towards the winning line. Before the game, the animal was emptied out, beheaded and socked in water. This is a very popular game in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Kazakhstan. This crazy game last of days and the champions are treated as celebrity.

3. Mind Ball

Mind Ball

The only competitive game where focus and relaxation is more important than action and adrenaline. Mindball is a two person game where a ball moves to and fro in a table. Movement is depending upon players’ brain wave which is captured by a head band. The head bands have a bio sensor system which capture the electrical activity of brain, more like EEG.

Mindball is produced by the Swedish Company Interactive Productline. The concept was introduced in 2005 from the prototype Brainball.

2. Donkey Basketball

Donkey Basketball

This game is considered as the worst form of entertainment. In donkey basketball, players ride on donkeys and shoot hoops. As players weigh more than donkey’s capability, the poor animals often get lay down. PETA is protesting against the game as according to them the animals are treated inhumanly.

This obscure sport was invented in 1930s and still considered as a popular spot in the Midwest, especially in Iowa.

1. Ferret Legging

Ferret Legging

Here is the weirdest sport in our list of top 5 bizarre games. This probably is the most manly sport, but winning may cost your manhood! Your pant will tie at the ankles to block any escape root and two ferrets will be dropped into your pants. Longest standing man gets the winning reward. Isn’t it strange?

Ferret Legging world record goes to Reg Mellor who hold it for 5 hours and 30 minutes in the year 1981. The trick was that he fed the ferrets fully, before putting into the pants.

That’s all about our list of weird games around the world. Some other unusual and bizarre sports are underwater hockey, extreme ironing and cheese rolling.

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