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How To Get Rid Of Infertility And Start Your New Life | IVF


Infertility is a problem that is troubling a major chunk of the country’s population. When couples who are looking forward to parenthood, learn that their chances of having a child are next to none, they lose hope. However, what they aren’t aware of is, that even if both the partners have issues in their reproductive systems, there are many scientific ways and treatments that can help them on their journey to parenthood. One of the ways to treat infertility problems is by IVF treatments in India.

Identifying the problem :

If you have been trying for quite some time to conceive a child in vain, then the next best step of action is to go for consultations with at least one IVF specialist in India. For men, the standard initial diagnostics tests include semen analysis, blood tests for hormonal analysis, scrotal ultrasound, genetic testing and testicular biopsy.
For women the risk is high after the age of 35. For them the standard diagnostic tests for infertility are ovulation testing, Hysterosalpingography, ovarian reserve testing, hormonal tests, imaging tests like ultrasound, sonography, etc. In some cases, IVF specialists in India recommend certain advanced tests for women for better diagnosis, like hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, and genetic testing.

Getting the right consultation :

The right doctor and medical help can do wonders for you in your quest to fight infertility problems in your life. The first step is to know the cause of infertility. If the problems aren’t major, sometimes doctors or specialists will recommend a medicinal approach, which will be helpful in altering whatever mild hormonal or physiological issues that are coming in the way of conceiving. If the condition is too severe to be fixed by just medicinal help, then your doctor will chart out your next course of treatment.

Infertility Treatment – IVF :

Infertility treatment is very easily accessible nowadays. One of the most popular ways to treat infertility in men, women, or both is by using the process of IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. IVF treatment in Bangalore are by the plenty, and you will never face any issues in coming up with the correct plan of treatment for your particular case, however unique it might be.

In Vitro Fertilization cost :

Even then, before you jump into getting rid of the curse of infertility with the help of IVF, you should know that the cost of IVF is quite high. So you’ll need a solid financial plan to support your treatment and other medical costs during that time. One cycle of In Vitro Fertilization cost might come up to a total of Rs 2 lacs. Chances of success at first try are very small, so you might have to repeat that process quite a few times for it to finally work for you. You should look into medical insurance plans with IVF coverage or medical loans with easy interest rates before embarking upon the IVF journey.