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What Is Ovulation | Top Ovulation Symptoms.

ovulation symtoms

Ovulation is the time period when the matured egg is released from any one of the ovary and travelled to fallopian tube. Whenever you set your mind to conceive, You have to be sure about your ovulation timing through your ovulation symptoms for better chance of fertilization. Because ovulation is a short time period when a matured egg is released and remember that egg can live in women’s body for only 12 to 24 hours. So that the egg has to be fertilized by a sperm in the fallopian tube in that short time period. If the egg is not fertilized in that short time period egg will be dissolved. So ovulation is the most fertile time period of woman and it is very important to aware about your ovulating symptoms and ovulation calendar for planned pregnancy.

Do you know What is ovulation? generally there are two ovaries in female body. One of those two ovaries produce matured egg in each month and that egg released in fallopian tube to fertilize with the help of sperm. The total time period of this phenomenon is 12 to 24 hours. If egg is not fertilized within that time period it is dissolve in female body and female body is preparing for next menstrual period.

Now the question is when do you ovulate? generally the timing of ovulation is 10 to 18 days after first date of last menstrual period. But that timing varies from woman to woman. So it is important to point out the exact timing. Signs of ovulation or symptoms of ovulation will tell you about that exact timing.

Ovulation symptoms

There are some symptoms of ovulation which can help you to find out when does ovulation occur.

   1. Light abdominal pain :

ovulation symptoms abdominal pain

Mild abdominal cramp can be occurred during your ovulation period. This pain should be filled on one side and it is called mittelschmerz. This mild pain is the effect of the contraction of fallopian tube for moving the egg down. It does not mean that the exact time of your pain is your ovulation period, but it only point out that ovulation is in your doorstep. So it is one of the major ovulation symptoms.

   2. Breast tenderness :

ovulation symptoms breast tenderness

As like as your premenstrual breast tenderness, you feel mild tendered breast just after your ovulation. That means your are extremely fertile in that period. This may be caused for your increased progesterone level during ovulation.

   3. Nature of cervical mucus :

ovulation symptoms cervical mucus

  It is one of the strong symptoms of ovulation. because just before the time of ovulation your cervical mucus get watery to raw-egg-white and it will stretches up to one inch between two fingers. Also it will be more frequent. But in other time your cervical mucus will thick, sticky and creamy. So frequent raw-egg-white mucus is one of the sure post ovulation symptoms.

   4. Increasing of body basal temperature :

ovulation symptoms body basal temperature

if you note your body basal temperature in a definite time of a day after completion of period, you will notice a rise in temperature in the time of ovulation and it remain elevated after ovulation.

   5. Change of cervical position :

ovulation symptoms cervical position

In your most fertile time your cervix will be more soft and open.

Here is the bonus ovulation symptoms  –

   6. Sexual desire :

ovulation symptoms sexual desire

Increased sexual desire is also one of the major signs of ovulation.

But with the help of above symptoms you can only guess the timing of ovulation. To make sure you have to go through the ovulation test. At the time of ovulation a hormone named luteinizing hormone (LH) is secreted in woman’s body. it’s presence can be detected in urine. Test strip can detect the LH in your urine. There is 5 or 6 test strip in a test kit and if your cycle length is 28 days you have to start the test from 11th day. If you have 27 to 35 days cycle, you have to continue the test 18 or 20 days or so until you got the positive result. The details direction of use will be in the test kit packet. So it is a secure way to find out the exact timing of ovulation.

These, I guess, will be helpful to be sure about ovulaing symptoms. But don’t forget to consult with your doctor. He is the ultimate guide for you as things varies case to case. Catch the early signs of pregnancyBe glad and enjoy your motherhood.


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