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Common Pregnancy myths. Are Those True or False?


After you getting pregnant or trying to be, you will face lots of so called “advice” which will come from your surroundings. You can called it pregnancy myths. Now the question is which are acceptable from those do and don’t list. Actually all those pregnancy myths are coming from some beliefs and hardly there are scientific or biological backgrounds.

So you have to aware about all those advises because every pregnancy is different, and you should consult with your doctor before taking any step.

Common Pregnancy myths :

Here we reveal some common and popular pregnancy myths to get the truth.

 ⇒ The pain is unbearable :

pregnancy myths pain during delivery

FALSE ! In case of unbearable pain, nature’s safety mechanism makes one pass out, i.e. lose consciousness. In labour, women are rendered unconscious by drugs but never by pain. the right attitude to contractions can make it pretty easy to bear.

⇒The umbilical cord is attached to mother’s navel :

pregnancy myths umbilical cord

FALSE ! The umbilical cord is attached to an organ inside the womb called placenta. This organ prepares and passes the food and nutrition to the baby, through the umbilical cord, which on the other hand, is attached to the baby’s navel.

⇒ Push when in labour :

pregnancy myths labour push

FALSE ! When in labour never push until your doctor or nurse asks you to. If you begin to push when the mouth of the womb is not fully dilated, there is the danger of the baby’s head hitting against an unopened cervix, so that the baby’s head and cervix become swollen and tender.

⇒ Eat for two :

pregnancy myths eat for two

FALSE ! One does not need eat for two people, but it is important to eat wisely during pregnancy. The baby  grows like a parasite, in that, it takes all that it needs, whether the mother has enough or not.

⇒ Avoid sea food :

pregnancy myths avoid seafood

FALSE ! If you have  no  allergy with sea foods without pregnancy, then you should keep it on with your pregnancy, provided that it feels tasty to you. Just keep in mind that you should avoid the high mercury leveled sea foods like swordfish and tile-fish etc. Just keep going with salmon, shrimp, tilapia, tuna once or twice a week. That will not harmful to your pregnancy.

⇒ Uplift the lower part of the body to help sperm get to egg :

pregnancy myths lift your leg after sex

FALSE ! Just relax after sex, because shifting of body’s gravity never helps the sperm to get reach to the egg. It is an internal  process where sperm swim through the path to reach the egg. body tilting is not necessary for this.

⇒ Exercise is harmful to pregnancy :

pregnancy myths exercise is harmful during pregnancy

FALSE ! Proper exercise has no harmful effect on your pregnancy. No heavy exercise but keeping up with mild exercise is just fine. Actually those safe exercise during pregnancy has beneficial effect on pregnancy like improve your blood circulation and give comfort to your muscle tension. Those exercise also controls your weight. Just avoid the heavy exercise and exercise with weight.

⇒ Sex during pregnancy is harmful :

pregnancy myths sex during pregnancy

FALSE ! Sex never physically hurt the baby, because he/she is fully covered with amniotic sac and strong uterine muscles. The cervix is also sealed with thick mucus plug. But you should aware about the sexually transmitted infections like herpes,genital warts, chlamydia, or HIV that can be transmitted to your baby. During sex just be conscious about your position, never entertained pressure on your lower abdomen.

These, I guess, will be helpful for you. But don’t forget to consult with your doctor. He is the ultimate guide for you as things varies case to case. Catch the early signs of pregnancyBe glad and enjoy your motherhood.


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