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Top 5 : Safe exercise during pregnancy

safe exercise during pregnancy

At the beginning of this topic let’s clear that exercise during pregnancy is absolutely safe and more over it helps you to stay fit, strong and flexible. The safe exercise during pregnancy or you may call it pregnancy yoga or prenatal yoga keep a safe balance between your mind, breath and body. Staying stress free is a desirable condition during pregnancy and these exercises help you to stay calm and stress free as well as improve your blood circulation and give comfort to your muscle tension.

So during pregnancy certain exercise should be done, keeping in mind the limitations and the need of pregnant woman. Here are some best and safe exercise during pregnancy.

Top 5 : Safe exercise during pregnancy

    1. Deep Breathing :

safe exercise during pregnancy : deep breathing

Though the name is simple but it is not a simple exercise. You can exercising all the muscles of your carriage through the exercise. It provides a lot of Oxygen to you and your baby. Besides, when you breathe in, the diaphragm presses on the abdominal organs, massaging and bracing them.


Sit cross-legged with the back straight. Keep the head and neck in a straight line.

STEP 1 : Take a short breath in, then exhale slowly through pursed lips, to the maximum.

STEP 2 : Let your lungs naturally fill up with air when exhalation is complete.

STEP 3 : Breathe normally for about 3 breaths.

Repeat this for 3 times.

It is best to do this exercise early in the morning near plants as you get more Oxygen and Vitamin D then.

   2. Pelvic Lift :

safe exercise during pregnancy : pelvic lift

Strengthens the back muscles and relieves lower backache or feeling of congestion of groin. You must know the benefits of exercise during pregnancy. 

STEP 1 :  Lie down flat on your back. bend both legs at knees and place feet on the floor.

STEP 2 : Now put your weight on both feet and raise your hips off the floor.

STEP 3 : Once raised, stay in position for at least 10 counts.

STEP 4 : Then gently lower yourself back to the floor.

Do once or twice. Help in lifting the pelvis may be taken from someone if you are unable to do so independently. Someone can stand by your side next to your hips and place both arms around your lower back and help you rise back the floor.

   3. Bust Exercise :

exercise during pregnancy bust exercise

Exercise the pectoral muscle and helps lift and firm the breasts.

STEP 1 : Sit cross legged with back straight and keep your head and neck in a straight line.

STEP 2 : Join both palms together under the breasts like namaste away from the body in a flat position, that is, with the fingertips pointing straight ahead.

STEP 3 : Press the palms firmly together and count of 10.

STEP 4 : Release pressure on the both plums and repeat 3 times.

STEP 5 : Join both palms together like a namaste, in front of the breasts, away from the body, in a slanting position.

STEP 6 : Press the palms firmly together and hold to a count of 10 and then release pressure on both the palms. Repeat this 3 times.

This is the best safe exercise during pregnancy.

   4. Leg Lift : 

safe exercise during pregnancy : leg lift

In pregnancy there is a tendency to form varicose veins in the legs. It is a result of pulling the impure blood in the legs. This exercise helps prevent varicose veins by assisting the blood to flow back towards the heart past the groin area. It soothes the legs.

STEP 1 : Lie on your side with one arm stretched outwards under your head, and palm of the other arm placed in front of you. place a pillow between your abdomen and the floor.

STEP 2 : Raise the upper leg higher than your hip and hold for a count of 6.

STEP 3 : Gently bring back to the starting position and repeat 3 to 4 times with each leg.

   5. Forward Backward :

safe exercise during pregnancy : forward backward

This exercise provides relief from general back pain and sciatica pain in pregnancy. It is a very safe exercise for pregnant woman.

STEP 1 ; Sit on your heels with knees bent and separate your knees.

STEP 2 : Bend forward, place forehead on the floor and place your palms in front of you on the floor.

STEP  3 : Stretch palms forward at arms length & rise on your knees and separate your feet placing them in line with your knees.

STEP 4 : Lunge forward to look up at the ceiling and lower your pelvic area towards your floor.

STEP 5 : Hold your count of six or ten and then returns to starting position. Repeat it 3 to 5 times.

Though these exercises will surely be helpful for a pregnant woman, but it is advisable to consult with your physiotherapist.

If you know any other such exercises, let us know via commenting. YouTube links are also welcome.


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