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3 Ways To Help Your Community Stay Safe When Severe Weather Strikes


No matter where you live, you will encounter severe weather from time to time. It could be a tornado, a hurricane, or even just a thunderstorm, but you have to be ready for anything.

It is certainly a menace to victims who face tumultuous natural calamity. Preventive care and safeguards are required to overtake hazards. Community in which you live must not be endangered. Give them your best ideas and backup so that they will appreciate you for timely assistance.

Unfortunately, in modern society, most people are woefully unprepared for such weather catastrophes, so it’s imperative that you have a plan in place right now, before it’s too late. Today we’re going to discuss three ways to have your community feel safe, even when a storm is approaching.

Take Preventive Care and Safeguards

Severe weather with rain is devastating putting life in Catch 22 situation. You have large family. Tell them to take shelter inside the room. They must close large size glass screens of the windows and doors. However, airflow should not be stopped. Suffocation in the room disturbs the normal breathing process.

Tornado, Norwester wind and incessant rain cut off the communication system. Roads are water logged. Pond is overflowed in dirty water. Avenues of big trees and dense bushes are seen tossing. If you are outside the house, it is very risky to walk in the street. Go straight to the safe place nearby.

If radio and television channels warn people beforehand, you must not neglect weather forecast. Arrange torchlight, blankets, medical aids kit, shoes and gloves. You must have mobile phones which should not be dead or defunct. You must try to communicate with neighbors when the storm is at your doorstep. Children, oldies and infirm people should be relocated to perfect destination. They become sick if they are drenched in rain water. Local healthcare clinics, pharmacies and rehab camps are basically open even during weather roughness. You must collect toll free helpline number or rehab centers. You must use phone numbers and Gmail address to inform doctors on demand.

Ways to help your community 

A single mistake can bring lot of casualties to your community members. Have patience and cool mind to do your job with responsibility.

1. Utilize Commercial Weather Stations

One of the most important ways you can prepare for severe weather is to understand what’s coming before it hits. While tracking a storm front is not an exact science, there is plenty you can find out from watching local weather stations and updates.

One thing you should also consider is looking at real-time lightning detectors as well since they can provide you with accurate data regarding strikes and where they are most likely to hit.

2. Get People Under Cover


Being exposed to severe weather as it happens is a surefire way to get injured, so it’s essential that everyone get inside as soon as possible. Weather warnings should be implemented, but if you find yourself outside when a storm comes in, direct others to find shelter as quickly as possible. This will help prevent accidents and injuries and keep everyone safe.

3. Stock Up Beforehand

One thing that happens a lot when a major weather occurrence is about to happen is that people start panicking and buying supplies. Food, water, and other necessities are in short supply before a storm hits, so avoid this problem by keeping stock on hand.

If possible, try to rotate your food and perishables so that they don’t expire, and keep enough for several days. Water is going to be your most precious resource, so keep as much of it as you can, and be willing to share with others if need be.

In the end, as long as you plan ahead and keep your wits about you when the weather gets sour, you and your community should be able to make it through relatively unscathed.