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Top 5 bizarre temples in India | Unusual deities


India is country of faith and mystery. Moreover, Hinduism has 330 million gods and goddess! No matter, with in these, a handful will be really unusual. Here is our list of top 5 bizarre temples in India and its strange gods and goddess.

5. Chinese Kali Temple – Kolkata unique-temples-india-Chinese-Kali-Temple-Kolkata

This temple is located in a small town called Tangra near Kolkata in the State of West Bengal. Tangra serves as the Chinatown and is populated by the Chinese inhabitants in India. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Kali that is surprisingly worshiped by the Chinese inhabitants. Although, the Temple’s architecture is not that special or noteworthy, the surprise lies in the offerings that are made. The Chinese people that live here offer rice, noodles, chopsuey and other vegetable dishes. This aspect alone makes the temple famous in the country as many people visit the temple to worship the Goddess and receive noodles, chopsuey and the other Chinese cooked vegetables as the ‘Prasad’. Another great aspect of this temple is that the Chinese who live in this area are Christians or Buddhists but they still worship the Goddess Kali devotedly. This place totally exemplifies the cultural bond between India and China.

4. The Airplane Temple – Jalandharbizarre-temples-in-india-airplane

The Airplane temple or the Aeroplane Gurudwara in the Daoba District is famous in North India. Home to Shahid baba Nihal Singh, devotees who wish to fulfil their desires of travelling abroad, offer aeroplane models here. Shop owners around the Gurudwara offer plastic planes of various sizes for devotees who wish to offer something.

The Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh is located in Talihan Village on NH-1. Everyday devotees are offering their prayer and planes to get quick visa.

3. Om Banna Temple | Bullet baba – PaliBullet-Baba-shrine-in-Rajasthan-pali-om-

Yet another strange temple located in Rajasthan, ‘The Om Banna Temple’ or the ‘Bullet Baba’ shrine is located in Pali district near Jodhpur. The temple is characterized by a strange deity that is represented in the form of a 350 CC Royal Enfield Motorcycle or ‘Bullet Baba’ that is worshipped by people for a safe journey especially when bearing liquor. The legend of the temple goes back to 1988, when a rider named Om Singh Rathore was travelling from Pali to Chotila and met with an accident that resulted in him falling into a ditch where he died. The Motorcycle was recovered by the Police who kept it in the nearby police station. However, the next morning the motorcycle was miraculously found at the accident spot again and even though the police tried defueling and locking or chaining the vehicle, it would be found again near the accident spot. This was seen as a miracle and the motorcycle was placed in a shrine built near the accident spot which serves as a temple and a memorial for Om Banna. The place is revered by hundreds of riders and travelers who visit the place to pray to the Motorcycle Deity for a safe journey.

2. Brahma Baba’s Temple, Jaunpurbrahma-babas-temple-jaunpur

Devotees said that no one ever went back empty-handed from the small temple. People offer watches to God in this temple after their wishes get fulfilled.

The ritual dates back to a long time, when a man wished to become a driver and asked God to give him the skills to learn driving. Soon after he started to drive, he offered a clock to God as a toke of thanking him and since then, offering clocks have become a tradition in Brahma Baba temple.

Locals say although there is no boundary or security around the tree, no one has attempted to steal the clocks from the tree. The villagers look after the temple themselves and there is no priest or trust to take care of this temple.

1. Kaal Bhairav Temple – Ujjainkal-bhairav-temple-ujjain

Addiction to alcohol may be harmful to human health, and is considered sin in Hinduism, but there is a god to whom Hindu devotees themselves offer liquor.

There is a temple of Shri Kaal Bhairav in Ujjain city in Madhya Pradesh State of India & its Deity is Shri Kaal Bhairav as shown here in the picture. This is one of the most active and happening temple in the Ujjain city. Daily, hundreds of people come over here with faith, reverence to offer Liquor to the God.

It is also the only Prasad given to the devotees. Liquor is poured into the mouth of deity.

Its not who you worship, what matter most is your faith and acceptance. That’s all about Hinduism.

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