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Weird wedding traditions


Wedding is a lifetime celebration, but in some part of the world, it is an unbelievable crazy adventure. It can be embarrassing, confusing or funny. Imagine kidnapping the bride or marrying a tree. Here is the top 5 weird wedding traditions around the world.

5. Kidnapping the Brides: Romania

Romania Stolen Brides

In a part of Romania, a very crazy wedding ritual is being followed. A man kidnaps the woman he wants to marry or couples run away without the consent of their parents. The belief is that if you can convince the girl to remain by your side for at least 2-3 days, she will officially be declared as your wife. Forcefully kidnapping also allowed!

4. Shoe-stealing : India


Originated from the romance of Radha and Krishna, India’s shoe-stealing ritual is strangely entertaining.

When groom takes off his shoes before approaching the wedding altar, the bride’s family tries to steal it ! But this act of thieve is not that easy as everyone from the groom’s side of the family started to protect the shoe already. If the bride’s family succeeds, then the groom has to pay a ransom to get them back.
While many correctly view the shoe-stealing ritual as a lighthearted prank, the Indian custom is also a non-traditional way to bring otherwise isolated families together.

3. Blackening the Bride: Scotland


To celebrate the happiest day in a woman’s life, friends and relatives of the bride will show affection by putting every nauseating things you can imagine like curdled milk, dead fish, spoiled food, tar, sauces, mud, flour, sausages into a bucket and throwing it over her. After this public humiliation she should then be tied to a tree in a ritual known as the “blackening the bride”.

The belief is that if you can handle this you can handle anything, including marriage. In short blackening the bride is to prepare her for any humiliation or problems she’ll come across during her marriage.

2. No washroom : Northern Borneo


Honeymoons are supposed to be the best time for a couple, unless you are from Tidong community in Northern Borneo. That’s because for three days and three nights after their wedding, married couples are not allowed to use the washroom. To ensure they stick to the rules, family members guard their bathroom ’round the clock. This is believed to be a preventive measure so that the couple will live a long and prosperous life with healthy babies.

1. Délicieux Toilette La Soupe: France


Here comes the worst one in our list of top 5 weird wedding traditions. After the wedding ceremony is complete, the bridal party would collect all of the leftovers and trashes, and prepare a mix within a toilet bowl and then barge into the couple’s room. They would not leave until the couple drank it. This is supposed to give the couple fuel to have a great night ahead.

Thank god today soup is substituted with chocolate, but you are still drinking brown stuff out of a live toilet bowl.


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