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5 common activities that are banned in North Korea



Right now, 24 million people face the most repressive regime in the world.

The people of North Korea are denied even the most basic rights of free speech, free movement, and information freedom, because the ruling elite prioritizes regime survival over all else. They use a brutally repressive system of political control to ensure their domination over society, employing extreme measures, including collective punishment, public executions, and political prison camps. here are 5 common activities that are banned in North Korea.

Watching television

Citizens are forbidden to watch anything other than state propaganda. In the last two years North Korea has publicly executed around 130 People for watching South Korean TV.



Citizens are banned from freely moving around their country – there is less than one car per 1000 people. However, senior officials are chauffeured in extravagant cars to flaunt their political commitment.

Practicing Religion


Atheists North Korea has “freedom of religious belief” despite torturing thousands for their faiths. In 2013, eighty Christians were publicly executed in a stadium just for owning BIBLES.

International Calls


Communication with the outside world will incur the death penalty. In 2013 a North Korean man was publicly executed by firing squad for calling his friend in South Korea.

Traveling Abroad


The ultimate crime is for a North Korean to leave their country. Defectors flee to China for refuge but if they´re caught by authority they´ll be forcibly returned for execution.

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