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Most mysterious pictures ever taken


In the history of 200 years of photography a few mind boggling and mysterious photographs has taken. From those, five most mysterious pictures ever taken is presented here.

Sea Monster Of Hook Island.

Though now a days you can say that it is a computer and photoshop oriented work, But for your kind information, This picture is taken by Robert Le Serrec in March, 1965 and it is a classic picture of a sea monster. He snapped that gigantic marine creature near Hook island, situated in the coast of the Australian state of Queensland. This photography is a hot topic in crypto zoological literature.

It is said that Le Serrec and his family were in vacation on Hook Island. One day his wife has discovered that monster and she drawn her husband’s attention. Then the famous photographs were snapped.

Cell phone in 1928


You will well aware about Charlie Chaplin’s film ‘The Circus’. It was a short film. The above photograph was taken in 1928 at the time of the premiere of that film. In this photograph it is seen that a woman was busy to talk with a cell phone or something like that. Just imagine, It was 1928!!! George Clarke, The director of that film, claimed this was the proof of time traveler. Though somebody says that she was using a ear trumpet but still It is not clear that why she was laughing at the time of using it.

The Hessdalen Light


Hassdalen valley is situated in the municipality of holtalen in Norway. The above mysterious picture was taken on sep. 20, 2007, when a group of teacher, scientists and students gathered in Norway to study the hassdalen light. With the 30 second expouser time, Bjorn G. Hauge has taken the photograph in clear sky. There are silicon, scandium, iron and titanium were found in that mysterious after the spectrum analysis. Though it was not the only photograph of hassdalean light, There are few more also to support the phenomenon, but this is the most clear and impressive one. Scientists are still searching for the exact happening.

Solway Firth Spaceman


Jim Tempelton was in a day trip on 23rd May, 1964 with his family to Burg Marsh. There he has taken some photographs of his daughter. After developing he discovered the appearance of a mysterious figure of spaceman in one of his taken photograph. As soon as he saw it, he complains to the film manufacturer Kodak, but they confirmed that nothing unusual has done with the film. So there is no explanation till now.

Photograph Of Goddard’s Squadron


Here is the most mysterious picture ever taken. This is the group photograph of Goddard’s Squadron who served at the time of world war I. As there is no mystery in the total group photo but if you zoom it then can see at the top of the photograph a shadow of face appearing behind one of the officer of that squadron. That face was recognized by one of the ex-member of that squadron and the face was of an air mechanic named Freddy Jackson. He was accidentally killed two days earlier by an airplane propeller and the photograph was snapped on the occasion of his funeral.


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