Mythology is a subject where believe challenges the boundary of truth and where imagination emerges with tradition. Through out the years, so many mythological characters are imagined. Some are powerful and godly, some are supernatural monsters and some of them are very weird mythical creatures. We have picked 5 most bizarre mythological creatures from the folklore and legends through out the world.

Top 5 bizarre mythological creatures :

5. Tikbalangbizarre-mythological-creatures-tikbalang

Half man and half horse creatures are very common in ancient mythology i.e. Centaur and Kinnaras. But Tikbalang, from Philippine folktale, is the most weird and precarious.

Origin : Philippine folktale.

Appearance : This extremely long-limbed creature has a body of human, but a head and feet of a horse.

Attack : It hide under bridges or in thick trees and groves and scares travelers who then lost themselves in the woods.

Trivia : You can tame a Tikbalang! If you look closely to its mane, 3 thick golden hairs can be seen. Pluck these and the Tikbalang will serve you until death. You are welcome to try, but a single mistake and you will be eaten.

4. Bonnaconbizarre-mythological-creatures-bonnacon

This is another creepy animal which have a lethal weapon as burning dung! This mythical creature is from Macedonia.

Origin :  Naturalis Historia & Aberdeen Bestiary.

Appearance : Creator messed it up with a bull, a bison and a horse. Its horns are backward curved.

Attack : With a backward horn it can’t fight enemies. So it chooses to run away and through its flying and fiery dung to burn the unlucky foes.

Trivia : It is believed that Bonnacon can throw its highly acidic dung as far as 600m. Oops… Now I got the origin of the phrase “Back firing”!

3. Shirimebizarre-mythological-creatures-shirime

Imagination was at its bizarre most height, when Shirime was introduced in Japanese literature. A creature with eyeball in its Anus! Arghhhh…Stay away.

Origin : Japanese literature.

Appearance : From far, it looks like a normal human. But if you go closer, you can observe its bizarreness. It has no facial features but a large eyeball inside its anus.

Attack : In a shadowy lane, it will undress and show the eyeball to the passenger to make him shocked and panicked.

Trivia :  Shirime is a Yokai (supernatural monster) which have very few mention in Japanese literature. It is not harmful. Its only aim is to scare people.

2. Aka-Namebizarre-mythological-creatures-aka-name

Not all mythical creatures are harmful. Take the example of Aka-Name. Its literal meaning is ‘filthy leaker’. It cleans your dirty bathroom with its long tongue. Stay cleaned and keep it away.

Origin : Japanese folklore.

Appearance : Something in between a man and a goblin. Small built with greasy long hair and reddish murky skin. It has a long sticky tongue.

Attack : It’s harmless. At night it will come to your dirty bathroomand clean up all the filth and grime with its long, frog like tongue. But a sore skin, goblin like creature which clean up dirt and hair from toilet, is obviously scary.

Trivia :  Stories of Aka-Name was told to children in Japan to keep the bathroom cleaned. But actually it is the epitome of the fear of using a dark bathroom late at night!

1. Navagunjarabizarre-mythological-creatures-hindu-Navagunjara

Mythological characters can be created by a fusion of two or three creatures. But Navagunjara combines 9 species! In a version of Mahabharata, written by Odea poet Sarala Dasa, it is mentioned as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Its seen in various pata-chitra in Orissa and also in the walls of Puri Jagannath Temple.

Origin : Hindu epic Mahabharata(Oriya Version)

Appearance : Navagunjara has the head of a rooster, and stands on three feet. Front foot is of an elephant. Rare legs are of tiger and horse. The fourth limb is a raised human arm carrying a lotus or a wheel. The animal has the neck of a peacock, the hump of a bull and the waist of a lion and weirdly, the tail is a serpent!

Attack : It attacked no body. When Arjuna saw him, he was awe-stricken and feared also. He raised his bow and arrow to kill it. But suddenly a thought came in his mind that this sort of creature in no normal. Arjuna understood that it must be divine and actually a form of Lord Krishna himself.

Trivia :  It represents the words of Shri Krishna that human mind is limited but universe is boundless. Things that human mind might have never imagined can exist in the universe. Just because humans have not seen or heard, does not mean that it does not exist.

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