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Bizarre Foods in India


Do you think bizarre foods are only available in other South-east Asian countries? Hold on.
India too can offer you a challenging A La Carte! Dare to taste? Here is our ‘Bizarre Foods in India’ for you.



For the Lepchas community in Sikkim there is nothing more exotic then few pieces of Frog legs. For them Frog legs are a delicacy the can relish on for their entire life. They believe that these frog legs contain medicinal values and are able to cure dysentery and other stomach ailments.



This is a popular food ingredient in Assam. It’s basically eri silkworm pupa. This means once a silkworm starts enclosing the cocoon of eri silk, the pupa state of their life cycle begins and as soon as the silk is taken out by boiling the cocoon in hot water, the leftover silkworm – the pupa – is prepared with Khorisa, another exotic food ingredient of this state (see unusual dish number one). The dish looks colourful, has a strong aroma and literally melts in your mouth !



This dish is a popular food among the Garos of Meghalaya. The key ingredients of this dish are dried fish, distilled ashes (yes, that black powdery leftover of any object put on fire) and vegetables. The dish smells too bad, something worse than expected. However, dried fish is popular in many other parts of India, but one served here is probably the stinkiest food in India !



A bizarre food that originated in North-East India, Jadoh is cooked and eaten by the Jaintia tribe. Jadoh doesn’t just have chicken’s blood; it also includes pig’s intestines as an ingredient!

Chicken’s blood with Pig’s intestine…… Yummiest recipe ever!

1. Dog Meat & Vomit

bizarre_foods_DOG_ MEAT

In Nagaland and Mizoram, during the festival a black dog is kept hungry for days and in the D-day it is fed with lots of rice. Then they put a bamboo in his mouth and make it vomit. Then this vomit is collected and given to the invites before main course. Then that dog is killed and prepared as one of the most bizarre foods in India.


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