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Interesting facts about independence day of India


Will you believe if I say, On 14th August, 1947 when India was becoming free, Gandhi Ji was not present that time!

After a long struggle and fight India have won the freedom on 15th August of 1947. The struggle began in 1857 with the Sepoy Mutiny in Meerut. After that the fire of revolt spread all over the country. under the leadership of so many eminent leaders,  a countrywide independence movement has launched. Numbers of freedom fighter sacrificed their life for the movement. Lastly at midnight between August 14 and August 15, 1947, the Colonial powers were transferred to India.

All these  information are acquainted to us, but do You know there were so many unknown Interesting facts about independence day of India? On the occasion of 71st Independence day, we present you some very iteresting facts about independence day of India.

about independence day of India 15th August

1. Why 15th August ?

Do you know why the date of independence was 15th August. It was the second anniversary of Japan’s surrender to the Allied Forces. So Lord Mountbatten chose the day. Now  the interesting fact about the independence day is North Korea, South Korea, Bahrain and Republic of the Congo share their independence day with India that is 15th August.

about independence day of India National flag2. Evolution of National Flag :

On August 7, 1906 Indian national flag was hoisted first at the Parsee Bagan Square in Calcutta. There were three horizontal strips of red, yellow and green in that flag. The green strip at the top had eight white lotuses embossed on it in a row. The red strip had a white sun on the left and a white crescent and star on the right.

It is said that Pingali Venkayya was the maker of the first version of the current national flag at Bezwada in 1921. There were two colours-red & green-representing the two major communities. Gandhiji suggested the addition of a white strip to represent the remaining communities of India and the spinning wheel to symbolize progress of the Nation.

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about independence day of India redfort3. Red fort and 15th August :

We all knows that Independence Day celebrations are officially held  at the Red Fort, Delhi – a tradition that is believed to be followed since August 15th 1947. Now the amazing fact is, a research paper published by the Lok Sabha secretariat stated that the first Prime Minister, Nehru hoisted the Indian flag and gave speech  from the Red Fort on 16th August 1947, not 15th August 1947. Isn’t it so amazing!!

about independence day of India national anthem4. Independence without National Anthem :

On August 15, 1947, when India became independent, there was no National Anthem of India. Even though the Bengali prayer of Jana Gana Mana was written in 1911 and it was considered as national anthem on 1950.

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about independence day of India gandhi-Nehru5. Absence  of ‘Father of Nation’!! :

On occasion of Indian independence, August 15, 1947, when India became free from the foreign rule, Mahatma Gandhi was in Calcutta. GandhiJi spent his day in prayers, fasting and spinning protesting the madness of communal hatred. Mahatma Gandhi, the ‘father of nation’, was not present in New Delhi council hall at the time of Nehru’s famous speech on tryst with destiny. Gandhiji was in Calcutta, seeking to restore peace between Hindus and Muslims. Is it interesting or not?

If you find it interesting or you have any other facts about independence day of India to surprise us, leave your comments. You may also listen to our collection of Independence Day Songs.

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